The New Electronic Single from A F F A I R S — Play is Reviewed and Shared Here

The new released single titled Play from Manchester UK Indie Pop band AFFAIRS, produced by ex-Psychedelic Furs member Ed Buller who’s also worked with Suede, Pulp, White Lies and The Courteeners has been released and follows last year’s singles Blood Science and Brothers — both of which were well received by 6Music, XFM, Amazing Radio and SUBtv.

The track draws you in from the first bar with its strident intro synth-riff played by Dan Parker while drummer Michael Bradnam’s infectious tom-tom pattern boldly drives the track along. Lyrically, Play is about the complexities of relationships and how we sometimes hide behind a façade or ‘play games’ with one another.

A F F A I R S - sparkle and energy...
A F F A I R S – sparkle and energy…

We had a listen:

Though the beats are insistent there is a sparkle and energy here that dominates.

The vocal reminds us of the dangling sadness of Phil Oakey with those condensed and unsullied, emotions held together with glue and vinegar.

This song mixes the harmonies of old-school synthpop (think Howard Jones ) with the boiled-down, hollow sadness of early Human League to create something that’s both dignified and telling.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©




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