The Maidstone, Kent [UK] pop/rock band WEEKEND RECOVERY consists of Lorin with her knockout industrial-strength vocals, and the ever-zippy Jordan on guitar, and with Artur on drums and Matt on bass.

High-energy oomph! Taking influences from Paramore...
High-energy oomph! Taking influences from Paramore…

Their sounds are high-energy oomph! taking influences from female-fronted rock bands such as Paramore

Their single “Focus” with a superior video [below] is out now and is a concentrated beast of a tune that’s ready to pounce right up and take you on.

With bumptious rock ‘n’ roll guitars, clamorous drums and reliable bass-work — this is as neat and efficient as songwriting ever gets…

With self-empowerment at its eager heart and a clear stand-up vocal performance that remind us of Avril Lavigne — this is a thrill.

The band have been supporting RAW RAMP favorites Hands Off Gretel and now they’re making waves with their Rumours E.P.

We predict great things!

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©





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