Kris Barras


The UK guitarist/vocalist KRIS BARRAS and his sizzling band has revealed the new video for “6am” (recorded live at Momentum Studios, Plympton, Devon with no overdubs!)

Barras has been busy over the last few months with his Box Room Sessions issued from home, creating acoustic versions of his back catalogue as well as a variety of interesting covers, suggested by fans, that range from Foo Fighters and Guns n Roses thru to Chris Isaak and Bon Jovi.

Barras also brought the full band into Momentum Studios, Plymouth for a full on performance and have now released the live version of ‘6am’ from that session. Taken from his first Top 50 UK album ‘Light It Up,’ which we described as an album filled with “home-grown stompiness and the kind of bounce that elevates your spirit all day...

I kinda forced myself to write songs a different way…” he says. “The biggest difference for this album was that I didn’t pigeonhole myself in any way, I didn’t feel like I had to conform. I just sat down and wrote songs I wanted to write, with a sound I wanted to produce, not thinking about genre whatsoever.”

Talking about this version of ‘6am’ he says; “This track was always one of my dark-horse faves from the ‘Light It Up’ album. It was one of the last songs I wrote in the lead up to the recording sessions and really came to life in the studio.”

The song is about dealing with mental struggles and is perhaps more pertinent now, than ever before. It talks metaphorically about hoping for the light at the end of tunnel, wishing and hoping for better times. But also literally, with having sleepless nights worrying. We didn’t ever get the chance to actually play this one live to real people….so we decided to do a live session version from Momentum Studios in Devon, UK

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