The Budda Cakes Album – Out This Week

Wonky pixie-pop multi-instrumentalist Gon von Zola  (playing Harmonium, Guitar, Pianoctum, Bass, and vocals) is joined by talented Petra  Saxby on cello (and others)  for this Budda Cakes outing.

As delightful as they are crazy, this madcap outfit utilises toy pianos, harmoniums, accordion sounds – and probably even sticks and stones. – to make their music.  Their sounds are ingenious, full of humour and often delightful.

This week The Budda Cakes have released their ‘Edge of Different’ Album.  Especially for Valentine’s Day they have created a ‘Heartbreak Special Edition’ of the album – possibly for a gift (to oneself.) The album comes with a dead flower, a paper tissue and a piece of chocolate. It is signed and numbered. You can order it from the Budda Cakes site.  Link below.

Photo by Kathleen Ackerman
Photo by Kathleen Ackerman

We had a listen to “The Edge Of Different” and here’s what we thought:

Berlin Rain’ is a grainy song full of futile tears. These drip and fade down the dirty viewing glass. Thick spots of bass guitar break free –  like jellied eels in the pot. Gon von Zola’s voice sounds whimsical, but it has an edge of collapsed sadness to it. A guitar sizzles like sticky bacon on the grid, and the song-pieces all chirp happily together.

The Days Before Yesterday’ has an accompanying chiming keyboard and is a Brit-pop sensation. Then ‘Monster Inn’ stutters in. A stream-frog set of clicks and an assortment of guttural stunts provides the rhythm to this funeral piece.

Wide Awake’ is cold as it giggles along a jagged path. Loopy pipe organ sounds loop in-and-out of the trinkets of vocal imagery like chipped china cups collapsing into a bowl. But the voices are richly scattered – and a syrupy cello wraps itself around the piece like a gold leaf dress.

King Stone’ is like the brim of a felt-hat –  tipping a little more than it ought to – towards an eye-shadow stare. The pace of this plods along. Sometimes an illuminating arrangement can shine light on proceedings, but otherwise,  the beautiful voice falters and moans against the vagrant hand clapping vibe and waving cello.

© Neil_Mach February 2013


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