The hard rock multi-media project SEPTEMBER MOURNING feat. Emily Lazar have released their “20 Below” music video from new album “Volume II” in time for their “Blood, Lust, Death” 2017 tour with Dope, Combichrist, and Davey Suicide.

Volume II - September Mourning
Volume II – September Mourning

We had a listen:

This awesome video [slightly exploitative, we suggest] promises to sound like metalcore, but it does not have the extreme pain, heat and angst we normally associate with the genre.

Instead, we get magnificent layered majesty, a phenomenal singing voice, and guitars that sound somewhat debilitated, though they are bighearted and handsome nonetheless.

Mainstream success is almost certainly guaranteed with this piece. It’s musically cohesive, visually creative and explores morality in an entertaining, though some might say — anodyne — fashion.

And we’re not sure that the piece is muscular, vitriolic or passionate enough to be called metal.

That said, it’s a sticky pop-rock number that bursts from its squeezing corsetry and tightlacing in a ta-ra-ra of showy, visually appealing fun…

Words: Neil Mach 2017 ©


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