VEZ MAXWELL — Every Time

The ACM Freddie Mercury Scholarship Award winner VEZ MAXWELL launched her debut single ‘Every Time’ this week, 17th October.

In 2016 VEZ MAXWELL was chosen by Queen’s Roger Taylor and Brian May to be honored with the inaugural FREDDIE MERCURY SCHOLARSHIP at the Academy of Contemporary Music.

Vex Maxwell – curative & comforting…

Receiving her entire degree fully-funded as a result, she has since been hard at work studying Commercial Songwriting in ACM London, along with launching her singing career.

With her debut single ‘Every Time’ listeners can anticipate a pop-rock up-tempo atmosphere where Vez faces the conflicts of trust and the unsettling doubt that lies in the early moments of a new relationship.

Accompanying her ‘Every Time’ is an additional song titled ‘Hide My Name’ which is unhurried and has a softer vibe. Written about a relationship where one of the parties is already seeing another person, Vez writes without  personal experience but nevertheless cleverly explores the view of the “lover” through a beautifully emotional song.

Every Time” is a munificent acclamation of the experience of lust at first touch and those dubious arrows of stabbing affliction we possibly all endure in new relationships.

Here the cozy voice is curative and comforting and rises to gold -standard heights in terms of musicality. This is of the highest quality.

With many more launches planned for the near future, Vez has her sights set on a starry career going forward.

Every Time’ is available on all major platforms including iTunes and Spotify.


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