TIM SHIEL delivers zooty remix with SIG NU GRIS + GENESIS OWUSU

Three of Australia’s most exciting and idiosyncratic artists have combined to produce a succulently zooty and completely evocative remix-track titled “Coliseum”.

Melbourne-based electronic producer TIM SHIEL is perhaps best known as a triple j radio presenter — he has hosted the country’s only national experimental music show since 2014. He is also known for his award-winning video game soundtracks (Duet & The Gardens Between) and for his long-term friendship and collaboration with Grammy-winning artist Gotye. Tim founded the artist-run music label “Spirit Level” with his friend, Gotye, in 2014.

As a producer, mixing engineer, and consultant, Tim has worked with artists like: Flight Facilities, Planète, Georgia Fields, Hachiku, Braille Face, Huntly, Ben Abraham, Wrabel.

Earlier this year, as part of Tim’s ongoing Distraction Season series of collaborative singles, he teamed up with the inspiring Canberra based Ghanaian-Australian artist GENESIS OWUSU (the brother of brother of Citizen Kay).

GENESIS OWUSU (pictured below) was recently described by triple j as “next level” and he garnered a pair of ARIA Award nominations in 2020. Their creative coalition subsequently got a second life with a remix from Melbourne-based sound designer   SIG NU GRIS, aka Erin Hyde, whose experimental and ambient influences and extrinsic electros have been championed by Nina Las Vegas and Gorilla vs Bear. SIG NU GRIS recently appeared on BBC 6 Music with Tom Ravenscroft.


As you can imagine, the new dance track (shared below) is a reverie of tropical flavors, interior beats, and percussive bounces. It’s highly equipotent!

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