Video still: / The Damn Truth

Upside the DAMN TRUTH

Montreal’s hippest rock ‘n’ rollers and revival flower-powerists THE DAMN TRUTH have released a conceptually irresistible video for the incendiary kaboom of commotion that’s titled  “This Is Who We Are Now” — a single that we have already described as a “nitroglycerin love-bomb…

The adventurous film was created by the  I/O Studio in Montreal who specialize in innovative production techniques.

“All members of the band were injured in the making…”

This Is Who We Are Now” is taken from the album “Now or Nowhere” (released May 7th via Spectra Musique/Sony) that, we thought, was so good it ought to be presented alongside vintage Jefferson Airplane, the best of Big Brother & Holding Company and flanking the metallic edge of Blue Cheer.

THE DAMN TRUTH: Photo Credit Adam Kennedy
Photo Credit Adam Kennedy

Chatting about the dizzy video (shared below) drummer Dave Traina says:  “I don’t know remember how the director said it… but he just basically said, “Guys, how comfortable are you performing upside down?

They built an 8 x 10 circus ride just for us,” adds  bassist PY Letellier. “We call it “The Damn Truth cube.”

All members of the band were injured in the making of this video,” says lead singer Lee-La Baum… “and they loved every minute of it!


Video still: / The Damn Truth

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